Installation script for Eclipse and GNU gcc based JLink Renesas RX toolchain

After my last post “How to set up an Eclipse and GNU gcc based toolchain to build and debug your Renesas RX based project on Linux”, I packed all the installation steps into one single script. The script downloads all the necessary sources, installs the needed dependencies, compiles all the sources and also downloads a copy of eclipse Kepler and installs all the necessary eclipse-CDT plugins.

After the installation all the files will be installed in the directory “/opt/rx-elf”. You might change the installation target directory in the script, but then the eclipse-example-workspace has to be adjusted.

The script also downloads an example for an eclipse-workspace which can be used out of the box with a Renesas RX GR-Sakura board and a JLink JTAG-Adapter.

This version is tested on a fresh install of Ubuntu 13.10:


Execute the script as follows (for a 32-bit architecture substitute the _amd64 suffix by _i386):

sudo sh install_rx-elf_toolchain_V1.0_UBUNTU_13.10_amd64 &> rx-elf.log

After the installation script is run, you only have to add the user who should work with the toolchain to the “jlink” group and copy the eclipse example workspace e.g. to your home directory.

sudo usermod -a -G jlink youruser
cp /opt/rx-elf/eclipse-rx-elf-example-workspace /home/youruser -r

Then you have to download the proprietary JLink-GDB server from the SEGGER-Homepage and extract all the files to /opt/rx-elf/JLink.

The eclipse IDE can be started by


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