Nixie Clock Hardware Assembly

Here are some pictures of the Nixie-Clock I built in 2011. All the process steps like cutting the PCB, etching, drilling and soldering were done at home.

The Nixie Clock is controlled by an ATMEL ATtiny84 MCU which decodes the time from the signal of an attached external DCF77 receiver and outputs the display data to some shift registers. The six display tubes are IN-12b Nixie tubes and the anode voltage of approximately 140V is generated by a step-up converter controlled by a MC34063 IC. The clock including the DCF77 receiver can be powered by a 12V plug power supply and draws less than 500mA.

I will publish the PCB layout, the schematics and the source code after I summarized all the problems and drawbacks I had after the assembly, because I cannot recommend it for an immediate rebuild.